Bucket list

Things I want to do before I die. This is a living list that’s in no particular order. Thanks to Dustin Curtis for the inspiration.

  • Build a product that has more than a million active users
  • Travel to Tibet
  • Read a thousand books
  • Climb Denali
  • Camp under the Northern Lights
  • Ski in South America
  • Visit Hawaii
  • Tour New Zealand in an RV (and bungee jump off a bridge!)
  • Follow the path, from Paris to Madrid, of The Sun Also Rises
  • Visit Ethiopia
  • Visit outer space
  • Complete a 50-mile trail run
  • Ski in Japan
  • Speak in front of a thousand people
  • Visit Iceland
  • Attend a Real Madrid vs. Barcelona soccer match at Camp Nou
  • Buy a “vacation home” (ski house, beach house, cabin, etc.) and spend a lot of time there
  • Fish for salmon in Alaska